Kick-off meeting

Final meeting


Radon in thermal waters and radon risk in chosen thermal water spas in V4 countries

V4 Standart Project No. 21320324
Kick-off meeting

Teplice, February 5. – 7. 2014

(Address: Kamenné lázně (Stone spa), 415 01 Teplice CZ GPS: 50°38'27.526"N, 13°50'18.18"E, phone.: +420 417 977 500,

February 5

15:00 Short informations about radon measurements in thermal waters and spas in countries of participants (previous results, current state, used methods, action plans for radon..):
16:00 Presentation of V4 Standard Project – Karol HOLÝ
16:30 Project´s budget, its distribution and accounting– Monika MÜLLEROVÁ
17:00 Discussion to the project tasks
17:30 Organization of the intercomparison exercise – Martin NEZNAL
18:30 Dinner

February 6

7:30 – 9:00 Breakfast Time organized individually by participants, sampling thermal waters from the source (Beethoven House)
12:00 Lunch
13:30 Harmonization of radon measurements and radon dose determination:
  • choose of localities of measurement in V4 countries -all
  • harmonization of radon measurements in thermal waters (water sampling, measurement methods, protocols)- Martin NEZNAL
  • harmonization of radon measurements in indoor air of spas (methods, choose of rooms, location and number of detectors, period of measurements, protocols)- all
  • harmonization of radon dose determination on the base of our measurements- R. BOHM, all
15:00 Sampling thermal waters for radon international intercomparison measurements in “Kamenné” spas- Martin NEZNAL, all (participants can analyze the water at home but also in Teplice)
16:30 Elaboration of the measurement protocols- Czech experiences (waters, spas, some exampes) – Martin NEZNAL, all
17:00 Preparing of the minutes – Iveta SMETANOVÁ
18:30 Dinner

February 7

7:30 – 9:00 Breakfast
9:30 Radon detectors distribution – Monika MÜLLEROVÁ
10:30 End of the meeting